Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ewe Know...Life In the Storm

I was sitting in my West Virginia mountaintop home watching rain pelt down in wind-driven sheets across the pasture.  As I watched the rain move forward, I noticed how the ewes and lambs continued to munch on the fresh grass, seemingly oblivious to the driving spring rain.  As I continued to watch the scene unfold before me, God spoke to my heart regarding the storms of life and how frequently we fail to turn to Him for shelter. Like those sheep, we often fail to "come in out of the rain".  Perhaps we feel unworthy or that God does not care, or worse yet, perhaps we feel that for whatever reason, we deserve to be pelted.

As the rain continued to fall, the sheep just stood there absorbing the blows and carrying the extra weight of their rain soaked wool.  Then, as if just for my benefit, the sun broke through from behind, bathing the field in golden light.  And then I realized it:  the simplicity of life.  If we move quickly, slowly, or not at all, the elements of our storm are still there. All of the elements. Even God. Even light.

As you live life in a storm, my prayer is that you will consider seeking "shelter".  Talk with a trusted friend, seek professional or pastoral counseling, pray, or journal.

You don't have to go through storms alone.

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