Beyond the Bully

Just a quick update on Beyond the Bully

To raise awareness of this serious problem, we recently started offering school assemblies and youth group presentations on how to safely take a stand against aggression and victimization. Geared toward tweens and teens, the presentation is not your typical discussion about bullying!  

"Beyond the Bully is geared toward bystander awareness. We believe that when bystanders take a stand for others in their community, they prove themselves Heroes: HUMANS on EARTH with RESOURCES to help OTHERS ENCOUNTER SUCCESS. That's it. When bystanders step up, speak out, and mediate they make a world of difference in their community." ~Coach Kelly

"When kids realize that they have a lifetime of dealing with 'life' they need to know that someone has their back. They need to know that someone cares enough to take a stand for them." 

~Pastor Ben

If you would like to see the Beyond the Bully presentation offered in one of our West Virginia schools, please contact the school's principal**. 

Your Life Coaching WV and the N52 Project Team: Striving to make our communities a safe place for all Neighbors to live and thrive, to feel connected, and to be accepted.

Please feel free to forward our information on:
   Your Life Coaching WV, llc
     2457 Patterson Creek Road
     Petersburg, WV  26847

Stay positive y'all! 

Coach Kelly

**Prior to scheduling a presentation, in advance, we offer a complimentary classroom packet which includes a training handout, ACTION Plan, pledge sheet, promotional wristband, and written script of the presentation.

#BeyondTheBully #WVStrong 

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