Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Making 2014 Count

It is interesting to me that today could be the day that makes 2014 a great year.  Today, the last day of the year,  holds great promise because, in all reality, today is all we have.  We are not promised tomorrow and the previous 364 days cannot be relived.  So today is the only day we have left.  

As you go out into the world today, to party, to go to doctor's appointments, to travel home, to go to work, or to sit around on your computer and play games or gossip, remember that today holds great promise.  There is the promise that you will meet that one person who will forever be your soul mate; there is the promise that you will find that perfect pair of boots that eluded you over the Christmas holiday; there is the promise that you can make someone's day a bit brighter by smiling at them when they mess up your fast food order instead of cussing them out; and the promise that today is all you have.

I pray that today, you make the decision to make 2014 count.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's those foolish things that make me LOL...seriously

Recently I completed a master degree - big whoop right?  Well...yeah...for someone like me it is and here is why:  In elementary school, I was always a grade level behind  and even then had poor grades.  For some reason, the system did not catch up with me and I was shuffled along, like a hurt lamb in the overpowering herd that somehow managed, somehow, someway,  to reach her destination.  To make going to school even worse, both my hearing and eyesight were moderately impaired...once again, somehow, someway, this was overlooked for several years.  I was evaluated at our local Deaf and Blind School but my hearing loss was not found to be at a level which required aids.  As an adult,  I still question the validity of those tests.  A few years later, to my surprise, my eyesight was monitored and I was given corrective lenses (or glasses as we refer to them in WV), and somehow, someway, fixed the hearing problem too!

It was the that I discovered reading for fun and realized that I really wasn't stupid or incapable of learning.  With the help of "Nancy Drew", I excelled...well, for someone who was always behind with poor grades, to earn the right to go into "Time and Tigers" reading book (yes, I remember the name of my 6th grade reading book), it was quite an accomplishment.

Here is where the foolishness comes into play:  I managed to "skip" 5th grade, enter into the higher reading group, help the 3rd grade teachers, and somehow, someway, find a glimmer of academic hope.

In 1 Corinthians 1:27, the Bible states that God uses the foolish, weak, timid things of this world to confound the wise...and He used me.  If God can, and is, using me, then friend let me tell you that He can, and will, use anyone He so desires!

The point of this blog post is to share a spot of good news with you:  If you are willing, and if you want Him to,  God can, and will, use you to bring about change, positive change, to your community.  Stop seeking after Him and start doing something! If you are breathing and have seen the sun rise,  He has already chosen and equipped you for start serving.

Have a blessed day and go about doing good - let Him shine through you and you too will be "LOLing" at the foolish things in life that God uses for His glory.

Ouch! What'd Ya Do That For?

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts " Isaiah 55:9

"A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench, Till He sends forth justice to victory; And in His name Gentiles will trust" 

Matthew 12: 20-21

Have you ever experienced a *God-Whack*?  A time when you questioned something or someone only to have God speak directly to you in chastisement?   If you have not experienced this first hand, let me tell y'all what happened to me because of an innate soul feature:   

A little history:  Along with this whole life coaching/counseling profession, having studied the human psych, comes a deeper insight into what makes people tick; but even before the schooling, God designed me with an uncanny ability to "see people"; which apparently makes folks uncomfortable.  Several family members have told me (more than once) that it feels like I'm looking inside them.  But since I don't go around randomly analyzing folks, which would just be creepy, I have never understood why I make some folks uncomfortable, its not like I'm a psychic!  So in my own defense, for me, it is like some folks wear a sign around their neck listing their particular oddities or hidden intentions.  So recently,  when God whacked me for questioning something, it was a hard pill to swallow, after all, He designed me with an inquisitive soul right?

So here is what happened:  Recently, I encountered folks whose intentions I questioned. And before you get all self-righteous on me, I'm willing to bet you've done it too.  When this particular red flag went up, the first thing I did was ask God if their intentions were pure, are they legit.  I asked because I honestly didn't understand what was going on.  Thinking that I was doing the right thing, asking the Creator of all things a simple set of questions, the *God-Whack* with Judges 2:22 took me by surprise and was quite humbling.  The verse "I will use them to test Israel…" was the basis of what He spoke directly to me, "I will use whom I will use, don't question it".  Uh yeah - whack - ouch!  

After I repented for what must have been holier-than-thou thoughts, I remembered  Hebrews 12:6 "The Lord disciplines those whom He loves" so I should have felt pretty loved just then!   As I prayed for a non-judgmental soul of compassion, I remembered that God is in control and if His people pray, seek His face, and turn from evil, He will avenge us and move obstacles out of our way. But first we have to seek Him and follow His direction.  And yes, even be receptive to His loving yet awakening correction, a *God-Whack* if you will.  I will be the first to say that being corrected is not easy nor pleasant but since He is God, I just have to trust that He will take care of things.  All I need to do is be faithful to the woman He created me to be...

So when you receive a *God-Whack* (or a gentle tap on the shoulder), please remember that He is a good Father who corrects His children and wants us to live a life of love and compassion toward others, be willing to listen to His correction, and ask for understanding, discernment, and wisdom...especially regarding those within the Body of Christ.  

Wishing you a blessed and awesome day in Christ -

Coach Kelly

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back to my boots

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth (Psalm 46:10, KJV).

As I drove across Dolly Sods on 10/17/14 (according to date imprint from my camera), I found myself wondering why I don't visit this old family stomping ground more often.  As I climbed out of my Jeep, I looked down at my dust covered boots.  And thought about that question to myself for a minute.  For some reason, those old boots spoke to me and I realized that it was because of the other shoes I had been forced to wear, shoes that took me to "the office", shoes that took me to "ballgames", and shoes that took me "to church".  I realized that those shoes not only gave me a bunion, but for years, rubbed me wrong in so many other ways, causing me to bury the true me, the "Dreama" that is fighting to come back to the surface right now!

Just to clarify, this post isn't really about boots but about how situations, or shoes if you will, changed me as an individual.  Years of wearing dress shoes taught me humility, loyalty, and service...and gave me a soul bunion.  It took a few decades, but finally those dress shoes prevailed I had developed a character that was not truly "me".  Now, thanks to a job change, I believe that God will help me shed that soul bunion and once again be the woman of God with a quick smile and honest comeback, the woman who will fearlessly serve Him in boots with everything I am...okay, so back to my boots:

To be honest, most of the shoes I have worn over the years stunk!  Now don't get me wrong, I love watching my boy play ball (sneakers), I love going to church (heels), and let's face it most of us don't love going to work but once we get there, it isn't too bad, so we put on our (dress) shoes and off we go.  But sitting on top that mountain, it dawned on me that my recent change of jobs freed me up in more ways than giving me the opportunity to take an unscheduled ride across "The Sods".  As I ate my fried egg sandwich and sipped a side of lukewarm coffee (don't knock it until you've tried it!), I took time to simply be still before God, taking in His beauty and giving thanks. It was then that I realized that I was not made for those other shoes, just these old boots.  Boots that gave me stability, traction, and comfort. Boots I could wear in sunshine or rain and just be me...and I found some long missing contentment.

I believe that God created each of us as unique individuals, with unique talents, likes, and desires; it is when we lose track of who He created us to be that a soul bunion develops causing a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort.  Trust Him to help you rediscover your unique soul which may have somehow gotten lost in the shoe shuffle. I promise you will not be disappointed in the unique person He created you to be.  

In Christ,

Coach naw...just Dreama

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Flowers and Rain

Today I was enjoying one of my favorite pastimes: walking in the rain (my husband considers this odd but I since I don’t consider golf the epiphany of normal, I guess we are even).   As I moseyed around the house, I enjoyed the last blooming flowers of the season:  one perfect pink rose, two pansies snuggled against a thorny stem and a line of black-eyed Susans in various stages of survival. Getting soaked from above as my flip-flops slipped on the wet grass, I understood why John thinks his wife is a little weird.  Anyway, as I soaked up the beauty of these flowers, I was reminded that everything living develops, thrives, and withers in its own time in its own way. 

I captured this picture of a pink rose with a cute green worm snuggled inside the petals.  It reminded me of how easily we let seemingly harmless things into our lives that, nibble by nibble, devour us. I believe the Bible calls these “little foxes” (Song of Solomon, 2:15. NIV).  I could have removed the worm and preserved the rose’s life a little longer, but honestly, I didn't want to.  I’m sure that in a day or two, my pretty pink rose will be worm food and not very attractive but why mess up a good thing when both the worm and the rose seemed okay?

Next to the rose were these two pansies.  And for the record, if anyone refers to you as a pansy, smile and say thank you here is why:  pansies are hearty little things which thrive anywhere, they do not mind being planted in a flowerbed because they will take it upon themselves to branch out wherever they please!  Not too many plants can honestly do that!  Some of the most beautiful clusters of flowers in my flowerbed this year were independent pansies which  bloomed where they were planted as well as wherever the wind blew them, thriving equally here and there.  But my favorite flowers, the black-eyed Susans had a lot to say today, I think they were tempting me to stay outside a bit longer!

As I made my way around the house, I knew I would find inspiration from these hearty black-eyed girls. In their final glory days of summer some were dead, others were withering, and yet others were thriving…all three stages of life on one stalk!  Sort of like us:  we are here together in varying stages, with different views of life and different ideas on how to deal with what we have been given.  Personally, there have been times when I have felt withered and next to spiritual death yet somehow found the strength to go on, most of us have been there I’m sure…and life goes on…

As I am writing this post watching the rain splatter the ground, I am once again reminded that life is daily, sunshine follows rain, rainbows are a promise, and next summer, after what surely looks like physical death, my flowers will pop up and bloom where they are planted, not caring how they got there.  

Friends and Neighbors keep on moving forward, focus on your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and trust God in all stages of life.

Blessings in Christ – Coach Kelly

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Month of Prayer

So last month I started a daily prayer routine - I went into my office at the same time and "met God there".  There were a few days, I'll admit, that I did not follow the routine but I prayed and sought God regularly.  The result? Well, to be honest, there were some breakthroughs but then I got to thinking about my intentions. Was I trying to manipulate God?  Were those prayers sincere?  Yes and no.

I thought that if I did what was expected of me, that the results would be the same as if I was praying and meeting with God because I wanted to.  There is a huge difference in methods.

When I met with God because I wanted to, I was excited about leaving my house and going into my office.  When I went in and flopped down on the coach out of obligation, I watched the clock a little closer.

Maybe not the results anyone wanted to read, but the truth of the matter is that serving God is to be a pleasant experience, one of joy, anticipation, and excitement.  When I attempted to meet with God out of obligation, it was not a joyful experience.

Since God doesn't change, the difference was the condition of my heart and intentions.

I still believe that prayer changes things - I still believe that it is important to meet with God daily - but most importantly...I believe that my attitude and my desire have a huge impact on the relationship I have with God.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Knowing God's Will...It Should Be Easy Right?

As I sit here with hurt feelings because, in all reality, I was put in my place and I'm just feeling sorry for myself, I prayed "Okay God, so where am I supposed to be and in the meantime, what am I supposed to be doing here, what is the purpose"?

His reply hurt my feelings even more when I felt the Holy Spirit say: "Pray".

Really? What is all I get? Pray? "No, seriously God, what am I supposed to be doing here?  Am I here wasting precious hours of my life just to bring in a paycheck or is there a purpose for all this"?

SILENCE - I got silence.

At my age, shouldn't I have figured out God's will for my life by now? Or...perhaps I make too much of seeking His will and desire something big and great and showy as an answer.  Maybe I am doing it wrong and am seeking signs instead of simply seeking Him for guidance, peace, and contentment.  Does that make sense?  To be perfectly honestly, I want to coach full time, to help others out of their rut and move forward, and to feel that I have found "The Purpose" for my own life...but, once again, when I made my appeal, He simply said "Pray".

So about this contentment and peace we all seek:  the Apostle Paul said that he had learned to be content in all areas of life - in those good, fulfilling days and in those days of bondage...what in the world was his secret to finding this peace and contentment?  Surely God didn't give the great apostle Paul the same line He gave me:  Pray.

Okay, so here is my plan:  for the next month (and yes I will be counting down the days and tangible accomplishments), I will "pray" for my workplace, for young Christians, and of course for my entire family.
I will keep you all posted on how this prayer thing is going - in the meantime, what are your thoughts on prayer?  Does it "work" - is it worth the effort, and if so, how much effort should be put into prayer?

Share your thoughts by commenting on this blog :-)

In Christ, Your Life Coach - Dreama

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ewe Know...Life In the Storm

I was sitting in my West Virginia mountaintop home watching rain pelt down in wind-driven sheets across the pasture.  As I watched the rain move forward, I noticed how the ewes and lambs continued to munch on the fresh grass, seemingly oblivious to the driving spring rain.  As I continued to watch the scene unfold before me, God spoke to my heart regarding the storms of life and how frequently we fail to turn to Him for shelter. Like those sheep, we often fail to "come in out of the rain".  Perhaps we feel unworthy or that God does not care, or worse yet, perhaps we feel that for whatever reason, we deserve to be pelted.

As the rain continued to fall, the sheep just stood there absorbing the blows and carrying the extra weight of their rain soaked wool.  Then, as if just for my benefit, the sun broke through from behind, bathing the field in golden light.  And then I realized it:  the simplicity of life.  If we move quickly, slowly, or not at all, the elements of our storm are still there. All of the elements. Even God. Even light.

As you live life in a storm, my prayer is that you will consider seeking "shelter".  Talk with a trusted friend, seek professional or pastoral counseling, pray, or journal.

You don't have to go through storms alone.

He knows the Stars by Name

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