Friday, September 13, 2019

Dolly Sods and the Life on the Allegheny Front Series

Hey Y'all!

I can't believe its already the middle of September! Here on the Creek, family life has been crazy busy, so time is flying right by - but once again, I'm ready to pick up my pen and get back to my fictional family!

Speaking of fictional families, recently someone asked what in the world ever prompted me to start writing...let alone a create a family, map out a location, and write an entire series! Seriously, what was I thinking?

Well, their question stumped me so I had to rack my brain, asking myself that same question: "Why did I start writing?" 

Then it hit me: talking to my sister about our Granddaddy's red mitten!

Grandfather Alfred Moyer's wool mitten

The answer to how just one wool mitten ended up in our mom's cedar chest remains a mystery, lack of information has fueled my imagination. The result: a typical mountain-farm family facing life head on - yet holding on to things they'd best let go. 

Like Miss Molly Sivits in Molly's Cabin...

Molly can't seem to let go of her self-imposed spinsterhood, even after Pete Evans declares his love for her! I'm mean, come on lady, give the poor man a break! Years later, she finally does just that...if only she had a nursemaid...

Like Julia Mae Moyer in After Storms...

This 'frumpy nursemaid' has a ton of insecurities and she's holding on to them with both hands! When she catches the eye of the devilishly handsome Bo Evans, Julia's temper flares, and he falls head-over-heals. But it'll take some persuading, and the introduction of rotten beauty Georgette Chamberlin to set Julia and Bo on track. 

How rotten is the beautiful Georgie? 
She seems pretty rotten...maybe she can be Redeemed by Faith?

When the youngest Evans brother, Nicholas, helps reveal Georgette's true colors, he brings more to light than he'd bargained for - like closets full of skeletons. Skeletons Georgette has spent a lifetime hiding...even from her older sister, Emily...

Emily...Nathaniel...James...what's going on with her and these guys anyway? be honest, I haven't figured that out yet. 

So the other evening, when I needed a little creative inspiration, I grabbed these books and my camera, slapped together a sandwich or two, and headed to another spot of inspiration for the series: Dolly Sods Wilderness...hoping that somewhere along the path, I'd find the right ending for book 4 - Sacred Vows! I'll keep ya posted on how this turns out! 😊

Until next time - Happy Reading y'all!

~ Dreama ~
(AKA: Jordan J. Patterson)

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