Jesus, Touch Me Again

  In Mark, Chapter 8, Jesus laid hands on a blind man and gave him sight; but the man was only "half-healed". And the all-knowing Jesus asked him "Okay, so how's that?"   This story intrigues me.   Here's a blind man who willingly puts his hand in the hand of The Man and is led out of town to be healed.   Did he follow Jesus expecting something miraculous?   Or did he blindly follow like his friends told him to? I visualize him shrugging with an "it can't hurt" attitude.   But I wonder how he felt when Jesus touched him...Can you imagine his excitement as the Holy Spirit bubbled up in his gut?   I imagine he was excited about receiving some sight, but when Jesus touched him again and he saw clearly? Surely, he went from being half blind to dumbstruck.     Now try to imagine how it would have been if Jesus hadn't touched his eyes the second time. A little sight would be better than no sight, but this is Jesus we'r

Moments in Time

"I've come to realize that life is more like  Ole Yeller  than any Hallmark or Lifetime movie." LIFE: A Series of Moments in Time. Moments held together by mundane, everyday life.  Once in a while, we experience a life changing moment. That one will shape those that follow.  Like a predictable Hallmark movie, some moments are in the shape of happiness. Those are the ones we want to hold onto forever, if only time would stand still. Other moments reflect Lifetime movies. We just want them to pass so we can get on with our lives or turn back the clock. Then, there's Ole Yeller... I'm pretty sure that movie was wasted on me as a youngster.  But as an adult, I realize it was a foreshadowing of how life really works.  Everyone has sad moments tossed in with some happy ones.  Everyone has decisions to make that can't be undone.  And each of us have bittersweet moments only we can define. As I write this, our ten-year old dog Brutus is snoring at my feet. He's ge

2022 - the year of less

  AS  we welcome another new year, I am in awe of how quickly this life is passing by. Where have the days gone? Have I accomplished anything in 2021? Was I alive or just living? What can I do better going forward? NEVER one to make  new years resolutions, after being cooped up for the past two years, this may be the year I make a few. This should be the year I navigate daily life with more purpose.  I'M not sure how it will pan out, but this new year, I feel the need to purge some unnecessary clutter. Not just the tangible stuff that collects dust, but the damaging stuff that can't be seen. FOR this new year, I want to worry less, be less anxious, hand distress up to God, and let go of needing to be right. THESE are lofty goals for the way I'm built, but this introvert is praying for a year of less. Be blessed y'all ~ Dreama Isaiah  26:3

Pruning a Rose

Earlier this spring, our pink rose bush went wild! It had runners and buds shooting out in every direction. Those tiny, wispy branches barely held up the buds, let alone a full bloom rose! But I was hopeful...u ntil the buds opened, revealing  dozens of wild red roses, with a couple pinkish ones in the mix. While the red and pink display was wasn't what I expected.  So, armed with a pair of clippers, I took the flowering mess in hand. C overed in scratches, thorns, pricks, and sweat, I prayed that the bush wouldn't die.  It didn't. This morning, on my way to the garden, I stopped to admire the pretty pink roses and noticed that my pruning efforts not only saved the pink rose, but had encouraged the coral and red bushes to pick up their game as well! LIFE LESSON: Pruning is a necessity.  When God prunes us, He does so not only for our benefit - but for the benefit of those around us, too. On the surface, we look a little worse for wear, but if our soul has gotten

He knows the Stars by Name

Photo Credit: Dolly Sods Facebook Group - Unknown Hey y’all.       After journaling morning prayers and reading a devotion, Psalm 147:4 came to mind (He knows the stars by name). While this picture does not belong to me, thanks to the privilege of being born on Jordan Run, for most of my life, I was able to set in awe of this star-studded sky…but back then, I took it for granted. For forty years of my life, it was always there…but I took that view for granted…Perhaps in the same way I take other blessings for granted.       When I opened my Bible, I was not surprised to see that my pre-dawn thoughts aligned with the message God had for me today: The In-Touch Devotion, “Cry out to the Lord,” is derived from Psalm 107:23-32.       This passage of scripture speaks of being tossed about on life's sea; of being in turmoil, anxiety, and stressed beyond natural coping abilities. The devotional was so timely for the pandemic-stricken world we are currently living in; a time when we have

Singing Our Way Through This New Normal

As I was scrolling through my phone, I found this picture of my grandsons. My first thought: "Oh! Looks like they're social distancing!" Social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, pandemic, no get-togethers, no sneezing, no shaking hands...terms associated with our new global normal. Phrases I have come to destest. Who would have thought that my biggest desire, the ONE THING I'd like to do more than ANYTHING is take a trip to BAM and skim through my newest books while enjoying a cup of Joe Mugs Coffee? Instead, I look at my Jeep and wish for things that, because I try to be a good citizen, are no longer as simple as pulling out of the driveway and heading South East! Earlier this week, I was talking with a friend. When she expressed concern over the mental well being of a few people in her circle, I realized that during this new normal, during the holiday season, over the drabness of winter, we should all be thinking of mental health...our own as well as our

Mammy's Special Biscuit

One of my quirks as a Life Coach: I look for teaching experiences in real life. Another of my quirks: I tend to put others first - even in the little things. If I never knew (before this morning) how this impacts my family, I do now. Today's little teaching moment came while I was reading my daily devotions. And my husband and our nine-year-old grandson were making breakfast. From the kitchen I heard Maddox proclaim, "We need to make Mammy her special biscuit." I smiled when John answered him, "We will, but Mammy's special biscuit is the last one we make." To which Maddox replied, "Pappy, we need to make hers first." +++ As every biscuit baker knows, the last biscuit is made from the scraps. It's the toughest, less attractive, flat one. The one that should not really be made…and the one I grab first. The one I'll smother with jelly and pop into my mouth as if it’s the best biscuit I ever ate. It isn't. But in a large fam