Monday, October 30, 2017

in the SILENCE week 44

Beyond the Mirror
week 44

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” (Psalm 46:10, ESV).

Sitting on ‘my rock’ in early fall
I watched my husband standing in the cool water.
His fly rod whipping back and forth.
I smiled at the geese squawking overhead.
In front of me, I saw a fish jump.
A couple mallards were making their way downstream, effortlessly parting the water.
Earlier, I had strained my neck to see a bald eagle.Nature at its best.
God’s creation; from the stable rock jutting out over the river, to the variety of birds and fish.
All speaking volumes to my spirit.
I took in all the things He had spoken into existence.
Creations that created within me a sense of peacefulness beyond comprehension.
It was in the silence that I heard Him so well.
Certainly nothing I could ever create for myself.
And in the natural silence of our West Virginia hills, I felt God.

His peace embraced me - His love surrounded me...and in the silence, God was there. 


How long has it been since you (or I) have taken time in natural silence? Just sitting in nature with no man-made distractions? How long has it been since we’ve taken time to hear God’s still small voice above the noise of anything else? 

In our society, noise is everywhere, drowning out any type of peace we may be seeking. It comes in through the airwaves. And the prince of the airwaves is making sure the static is loud. But then God… He has provided a way of escape. Jesus knew the importance of time in silence. Communing with God through prayer, in nature, alone in His presence, in His world, setting an example for us to follow.

WE were created to commune with Him. To keep company with God in the atmosphere He created.

This week, let’s find Him in the SILENCE. 

Journal your thoughts here

This week, let’s try to find a few moments with God in the natural silence He created for us. 

Daily scripture readings

Exalt the King in early morning prayer.

Wait upon God with expectation and follow Him daily.
Listen carefully to our words and know to Whom we’re praying.
Listen to what other’s have to say...especially to His voice.
Seek God earnestly...building your faith daily.
Follow Jesus, watch and learn His ways.
Observe life seasons carefully...when things feel totally out of our control, He alone offers us true peace.

Monday, October 23, 2017

CAPTIVE week 43

Beyond the Mirror
Week 43

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”
The verse kept running through my mind as I tried to focus.
But focus I couldn’t.
Too many wayward thoughts.
For crying out loud, why couldn't I just focus on the dishes?
Just wash the plate.
Rise it.
Put it in the rack.
And another.
Just do it.
Before long, I realized that by focusing on the task at hand, I could take my thoughts capative.
Otherwise, they were holding me captive.
Sighing, I decided to finish the task at hand.
I could take my thoughts captive.
One at a time.

Keep me in perfect peace, Father, as I focus my mind on You (Isaiah 26:3).

If we treated our mind like we do our car, we’d be more in control of our thoughts. When driving, if we find ourselves lost, typically, for women anyway, (sorry guys but you know I’m right here) we turn down the radio, ask for directions, reboot the navigation system, and stop moving forward if we can. In other words, we break the cycle. We would never allow our car to keep taking us, on purpose, to the wrong destination. We’d be foolish if we did. But when it comes to our minds, we let our thoughts keep right on trucking. We allow them to distract us. Those wayward thoughts take control, and will block out everything logical around us. We will focus on those “what ifs” as sure fire realities.
So how do we take those thoughts that hold us captive - captive? 

On purpose. 
One at a time. 

It is a process that has benefits far beyond what we may ever imagine. Keeping our minds clear of chaos is a continual task. It is not something we do once and master. It takes work. The Bible has a lot to say about our thoughts and mind. It indicates that we tend to focus on carnal things more than we focus on God. And we get off center. This creates a cluttered soul which ultimately takes its toll on our physical body. 

How do we change that? 
What can we do to take our thoughts captive and not be held captive by them? 

This week's scriptures will help us do just that!

Daily scriptures

Focus on God
Sound Thoughts and Peace
Hostile, Selfish Thoughts
Good Thoughts
God Only Knows
Submit and Flee
Search, Know, Protect, Lead

MY THOUGHTS Journal your thoughts here This week, let's try to keep our minds focused on God and good things. Let’s see how He leads us toward peace.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Gulp-N-Go Christianity week 42

Beyond the Mirror
week 42 
“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom”
(Psalm 90:12, ESV).

I’d squirm and she’d give me the look.
I’d yawn and she’d swat my leg.
I’d giggle and she’d threaten me with my big brother.
Church...again...Twice a week. Sometimes more...the point was moot - wasn’t it? But then again...

I can still recall my mom’s stories of “All day meetin’s and dinner on the ground”.  According to her, the entire community would spend Sundays at church - all day Sunday - and walk home by lantern light. Her reply of “It’s just what folks did back then” didn't answer my question of why they'd want to! Apparently, those folks weren’t  in a rush to leave God’s house. They’d tarry a bit, sing from hymnals, listen to the preacher, and eat together. Kids would nap under the pews, no electronic gadgets to calm them down or occupy their wandering minds. They built relationships, with God and one another, learning to depend upon each other. Creating quality relationships by spending quality time in each others company. When my parents were coming up, there was no gulp-n-go Christianity.

There are several things that we are missing out on with our ‘Gulp-N-Go Christianity’. Our ability to hear from God. Learning to recognize His voice, personal and spiritual growth, and living a life of healthy holism - not compartmentalized living - but living whole and holy lives. This week’s Bible study takes us into the past. A past where time with God was welcomed. A reprieve from hardships. A time when neighbors came together in unity to share life and uplift one another.
Daily scriptures
Hearing from God
Discerning God’s Voice
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Maturity
Impactful Witnessing
Spiritual Healing
Relationship Building

This week, journal your thoughts on how church attendance has enriched your relationships; first with God, then with your family and neighbors. Then consider ways in which you can enhance your church experience.
Be blessed this week y'all
In Christ with love and compassion,
Coach Kelly

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Winding Down Week 41 "Touching Jesus"

Our devotional readings from this week have shown us seven ways in which we can touch Jesus. We touch Jesus when we are patient, repentant, and obedient. When our faith is stronger than doubt and fear and we approach Him with a tender, humble heart. We touch Jesus when we display dependence upon His strength and wisdom while being submissive to His will.

I pray you have enjoyed this week's Bible study on Touching Jesus as much as I have.

Be blessed this weekend y'all,

In Christ with love and compassion - Coach Kelly

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Scripture Re-Cap:


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Faith touches Jesus

Happy Thursday y'all!

I was praying yesterday and this thought occurred to me: We all want smooth rides and calm waters; but in WV (and life) bumpy roads lead to mountaintops. And mountaintops offer the best views. But getting there can be rough. Narrow, washboard-like roads full of turns and potholes can be a deterrent. But once there? Oh y'all! Magnificence! The same holds true on our journey through life. It's rough at times, but on the other side is heaven. And heaven will be spectacular!

Touching Jesus (and being touched by Him) holds many promises and offers us hope and direction on how to navigate this journey. And we touch Jesus when our faith is stronger than doubt and fear. We've just gotta keep going, in faith, believing that the best is yet to come! Enjoy your life, trust in Jesus, and be blessed today y'all.

Coach Kelly

Week 41 "Touching Jesus"

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We're Blessed

Lets do blessed today y'all...we can't do perfect, that ain't natural...But...we can do real, we can do "us", we've just gotta walk closely to Jesus and do our best. We're gonna mess up...but He's already taken the heat for that let's do Him proud!
#YourLifeCoachingWV #BeyondTheMirror
"Touching Jesus" week 41

In Christ with love and compassion,

Coach Kelly

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Winding down the ultimate selfie

Image may contain: sky, cloud, text and natureUnless you see it in person, there is no way to describe the peaceful beauty of WV's Corridor H this time of year. Nor can we adequately explain God's love and grace to someone else. Each of us has to accept Him for ourselves. Experience Him for ourselves. But...we can draw folks to Him when they see Christ alive in us. Going to church is great and all, but it's what we do with what we learn that defines us as a Christian. Good days, not so good days, rotten matter the day...we have to choose, on purpose, to let Him shine through. So others can see hope, joy, peace...Jesus...when they look beyond their mirror's reflection.

+ + +

This week has been interesting for me. I did the usual plus a little more. This week's Bible study has changed me - inside.  Even when a troubling phone call came in - when work was more hectic than normal - I still felt Him near. Through it all, I felt God's peace. Here's the funny thing: on the outside, I appeared "normal" because the difference was on the inside. And that got my attention.  I noticed a huge change within my soul.

For example, when I broke that honey jar - a 1/4 gallon of honey in a glass jar. Not the watery honey - oh no - this was the good stuff and it was...well very sticky.  Hearing rather than seeing the crash, I looked down at the mess, felt blood dripping off my fingers and foot...felt shards of glass on my bare feet...and felt...nothing more than that. My husband, dressed and ready for work, stood looking at me covered in glass, blood, and honey with a look that sort of said  'I'm glad it was her and not me'. But even that didn't ruffle me - not this week. 

After the mess was cleaned up, I had to ask myself why. Shucks, I even questioned him about my attitude - and he said that it really didn't surprise him that I took it all in stride. But I knew there was a difference. And I believe it was because I had touched Jesus this week. And I hope the trend continues - that I can truly see beyond the mirror and realize how important my time with Him truly is.

Recently, we had a little rain. A three-minute  drizzle really. But I gave thanks for that rain on my windshield. I rolled down my window and enhaled. Then, with appreciation and gratitude, I prayed for more. In the little things y'all, thats where we'll find Jesus. My ultimate selfie was enhanced by showing gratitude for a little rain.
I recall how, when I was younger, I only looked for Him only in big things. But the Bible tells us that if we are faithful in little, He'll give us these bigger things.
Be blessed today y'all and enjoy the little blessings along your path.
#Yourlifecoachingwv #BeyondTheMirror

Be blessed today y'all, Coach Kelly

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ultimate Selfie week 40

"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth"  
(2 Timothy 2:15, ESV).

I watched the crowd as they...
Smiled again.
Snapped one more.
The smile replaced by a big grin.
They captured it.
Hurry #tag that!
Hit post.
Ignored were the game and smiling companions all around.
But alas, all over campus, satisfied at last were multiple attempts for the ultimate selfie.

Have you ever considered your reflection?
Not the physical one that looks back from the looking glass or lens.
Your true reflection – the one beyond the mirror? How would you describe it?
The reflection that depicts your character?

What about your neighbors? What synonyms would they use to describe you?
Would their summary words vary depending upon how well they knew you? Of course they would! 

How about folks who don’t even know you – they pass judgement just the same – what would they say? Would they be accurate based upon your actions and speech? 

As women of Christ, it is important for our reflection to - well - reflect Christ. What this means is that we have to possess a welcoming aura. An aura that gives off light. Hope. Kindness. Joy. Peace. Goodness…and the list from Galatians 5:22 goes on.

Recently, I’ve really been thinking about my own aura. Do I truly reflect Christ? Am I honestly in love with Him? Do I spend enough time with Him on a daily basis?

I have a lot of questions that I need to answer regarding my Christian walk. Questions that only time with God will reveal. So I find myself with yet another reason to take this Bible study seriously. Not haphazardly, not hurriedly, but seriously. With purpose. With passion.
I hope that you too, will spend time reflecting on your personal walk with Christ this fall. Now is the time for us to be equipped - His kingdom is coming - and unlike the ultimate selfie - there will be no do-overs...

Have a blessed week y'all - In Christ with Love and Compassion - Coach Kelly

#BeyondTheMirror #YourLifeCoachingWV

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