Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Novel Series by Jordan J. Patterson

I'm pleased to announce that the kickoff novella for the series

"Life on the Allegheny Front"

Molly's Cabin

has been published as an e-book and on sale at!

If you're looking for a novel series that isn't afraid to address the issues we're currently facing right here in the Mountain State - this series is for you!

The short of it:
Following the fire that killed spinster Molly Sivits’ parents, neighbor Pete Evans organizes their community to rally around Molly, offering her hope, healing, a home, and love that defies all odds.

Just a little more than that:
"When her family home is destroyed by fire, Spinster Molly Sivits is left orphaned and homeless. Once she is physically on the mend, her neighbors clean up the ruins, building her a cabin nearby. But fear of being alone holds Molly captive, and she only visits the cabin, never moving in. 

Not wanting Molly to continue on the slippery slope of depression, while she is recuperating in his family's home, Pete Evans, the very man who found her during the fire, helps her overcome a potential opioid addiction and reintroduces her to life. A decade younger than Molly, Pete is determined to literally give her beauty for ashes. 

Years later, although it takes some convincing on Pete's part, the two marry and Spinster Sivits becomes not only a wife and mother, but a matriarch of the Evans family. As the years pass, Molly's cabin becomes a safe haven on what she deems Serenity Farm."

And the rest of the story:
Molly's Cabin is the novella that will kick off the novel series Life on the Allegheny Front.

**The series by author Jordan J. Patterson is available as an e-book Amazon. com with softcover books being developed for release soon!

~ Happy reading y'all - Coach Kelly writing as Jordan J. Patterson ~

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