Saturday, July 27, 2019

Just Released! Redeemed by Faith

 purchase here!

"Can life really change people in such drastic ways?" (Nicholas Evans, Redeemed by Faith, 2019).


Hey Y'all! 

Redeemed by Faith is now live for purchase! Here are a few of my early morning thoughts on the book:

Have you ever done something that went against your true nature? Something that eats at your gut, making you question who you are as a person? It happens...and in Redeemed by Faith, we get a front row seat as life changing events are faced head-on, but not without questions, tears, fear, and faith. 

Books 1 and 2 of the Life on the Allegheny Front Series gave us a good feel for who Nicholas "Nicky" Evans and Georgette "Georgie" Chamberlin were as individuals (one is thoughtful and one is selfish; one is grounded and one is unsettled), but in book 3 we see them morph from self-absorbed individuals, into a selfless and responsive couple!

Happy reading, Y'all ~ Jordan

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