Wednesday, September 27, 2017

One of THOSE days...

Grab the cup.
Flip it over.
Pour the coffee.
Clean the mess.
Flip the cup...

Have you ever done this? Not the best l way to start a Wednesday. I reckon I could sip it anyways right? But I prefer my cup full, if not overflowing.

Romans 8:18 Voice
Now I'm sure of this: the sufferings we endure now are not even worth comparing to the glory that is coming and will be revealed in us.

Have a blessed Wednesday y'all
Coach Kelly

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Finish Your Coffee? week 39

1980 something…I remember granny sipping a cup of tea all morning long. Occasionally warming it, even after the tag and string were discolored from wicking. I can still see her covering it with a saucer when she was ‘done’ then heading to her loom or to stir whatever was cooking on the Home Comfort stove. 

Eventually, she’d come back to her tea, taking a sip and then be off again. You see, Granny was always too busy to simply finish her tea.

2017 something…I found myself smiling at my oldest daughter. Or rather at her coffee cup.
We were sitting at her kitchen table and I noticed that she had almost – ALMOST – finished the entire cup.  Peppermint mocha if I’m not mistaken, presented in a colorful mug. As she jumped up to tend her daughter, I thought again of granny’s tea. I noticed that just like her great-grandma, it was hard for her to stay on task most days. Returning to the table, I commented that it looked as if she had finally learned to finish her coffee. With a sigh she smiled and said, “I’m learning too, Momma, I'm learning...”

Learning to breathe.
Learning to be still.
Learning who she is as a person.
As we finished our conversation, I was also happy to see her smile.  And I was just as happy to see her finish that cup of coffee.

Now let me ask you…do you finish your coffee?

Do you know how you take your coffee? Black or blond, sweet or unflavored, hot, tepid, or iced? This is an easy question for most of us to answer so here’s a harder one: how do you drink your coffee? Do you down it in gulps or sips? Hurriedly or slowly? Habitually or do you actually enjoy it?  Seriously…do you even like coffee?

I try to enjoy my coffee or tea. The way I see it, if I am not going to enjoy it, what’s the point?  I breathe in the steaming aroma, letting it tickle my nose, then sip it gingerly, letting it glide over my tongue and down my throat. Unlike water, these beverages bring me pleasure.

But why don’t I enjoy drinking water? It's a need not a want.

I try to drink around 100 ounces of water per day. But I don’t enjoy it. I just do it. I gulp it down one glass at a time just to get it over with – sometimes with a shudder at the end if it’s straight from the tap.  But coffee or tea? Those I want to enjoy. And as He sometimes does, the Holy Spirit posed a serious question: Does your daily relationship with God reflect the way you drink coffee or water? And I had to stop and think about that one. The answer made me feel guilty: need vs. want. I don’t always take the time necessary to enjoy fellowship with God.

Just as it takes time to enjoy a mug of coffee or tea, it takes time to glean pleasure from our time with God. And time is a valuable commodity we women don’t seem to have enough of…but what if…what if we changed our perspective? What if we, on purpose, sat down and nursed those verses instead of gulping them down?

What if we, on purpose, stood at the kitchen window and sipped our tea as we pondered the verses God put on our heart?

What if we, on purpose, choose to let the aroma of hot spiced cider tickle our noses as we prayed and listed for His reply?

Wonder what would happen if purposed to enjoy spending time with the Word? What if instead of a quick prayer, we waited to hear God’s reply? Like our coffee, would our relationship with Him quickly become tepid or stay warm all through the day?

Journal your thoughts here
This fall is a great time to relax and enjoy a few moments of “Me Time.” This week, steal a few moments to enjoy life. Be a little selfish with your coffee and God time. You’ll feel great and your family will notice – not just the selfish part – but the joy you’ll radiate from simply enjoying those  few minutes as you finish your coffee with the Word.


Luke 10:38:42
Psalm 119:105
1 Peter 3:15
Psalm 37:4
Romans 8:1-39
James 1:22
John 17:17
Psalm 63:6-8

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Winding Down "We've Only Just Begun" week 38

As I was passing the field below our home, I noticed these square hay bales. For some odd reason, I like seeing them as opposed to the big round bales - but I understand the difference in the amount of work between the two!

Slowing down, I noticed how most of the bales, after being kicked out of the baler, landed as expected: flat to the ground. But then there were a few like this one. 

The non-conformists of hay bales I reckon! Instead of staying put, they bounced upward, and once again  they are guilty of standing out. 

Y'all, that is exactly how we are to react when life knocks us down. We are to bounce back but stronger than before. 
As Revelation 3:8 states, God knows our works. He knows that we're not perfect, that we fall flat sometimes. But through His strength, through His inner peace, we too can bounce back when life circumstances would rather we stay down.

BUT...we're gonna bounce back upright. We're gonna go through the doors He opens with our heads held high and His hand on our backs. Not on our own strength or courage - oh no - We're gonna call upon Him! In His strength, with His plan for our lives on our mind - and the Holy Spirit guiding our footsteps. With God's help, we can do this...Besides, this life is but a journey...and we've only just begun.

Have a blessed weekend y'all
In Christ with love and compassion - Coach Kelly

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Fall y'all! Beyond the Mirror "Equipped by Fall"

A Time for Everything
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace. ​ (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, ESV).

Fall...Autumn...the season of being equipped after seed-time and harvest. Fall in the country is a whirlwind of activity. Festivals, leaf-peeping, raking, and preparing the soil for the upcoming spring. My childhood memories of fall include helping my parents gather fire wood, rake leaves, and learn how to bake pies. Because of these memories, fall always stokes happy memories of years gone by.  Some memories that will last my lifetime occurred in fall.  And I hope this Bible study, Beyond the Mirror: Facing Your Life's Nemesis, will one of yours.

Those of us engaged in the study thus far have studied scriptures that encourage, enlighten, and empower. With these behind, and inside us, we are now better equipped for fall.  So what are we gonna do with this abundance of knowledge? Why, we're going to harvest what we've planted and spread the joy!  Over these next twelve weeks, we are going to put the components together, and share ways to witness to our neighbors about the love of Christ.

So grab something pumpkin, be it coffee, latte, or doughnut, toss in an apple or two for good measure (y'all...pie, a dumpling, or warm cider counts), pick up your favorite Bible and journal, snatch up a peanut butter cookie, and let's get ready for the best fall ever! 

In Christ with love and compassion - Coach Kelly

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Winding down week 37 Fair Day Christian

Happy Saturday y'all!

This past week, our devotional readings have pointed out how God is always there when we seek Him.

I've discovered that sometimes He'll deliver us out of the storm quickly. Other times, we abide there for a while. The reasons vary I'm sure, but I don't know why; thankfully, He does. What I do know is that storms leave us messy.  Yet God has a plan for lessons learned when sorrow has us drenched and shaken.

But here's the kicker: Oftentimes, He isn't the One that put us in the storm. Oftentimes, we put ourselves there. It's our sinful disobedience and our own willful, hardhead, stubbornness that gets us in the worst predicaments. And we either blame God or cry out to Him for help...and even during these self-inflicted storms, He is willing to walk through with us...not because He has to, but because He loves us.

Imagine that. God loves us enough to never leave nor forsake us.  How humbling is that? How amazing is that? How unbelievable is that?  His help may be deliverance or it may be peace. It may be courage or it may be wisdom. It may come quickly or not at all as we'd expect or desire...yet His help will come - we just need to accept it and continue on in faith toward our final destination.

I pray that you've discovered something great about your relationship with God this week. I also pray that these scriptures have offered you hope and inspiration regarding His faithfulness towards us.

In parting, I'll share one of my dad's favorite songs (which eventually became his life motto). It's the title of an Aaron Tippin song: "You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything." My prayer is that we'll stand for Christ even during storms - that we'll not merely be a fair day Christian.

In Christ with love and compassion - Coach Kelly
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hope Unashamed

We all want to to be in God's spotlight. To feel like we are in His good graces. To feel Him smiling down on us with an "Atta  girl!" But those days are not what forms us. 

Todays #BeyondTheMirror verses, Romans 5:3-5, shows us the reason for the hard times: to help us attain hope unashamed. Wow. While the spotlight is gratifying, our character is forged during life's most pressing moments. Being a fair day Christian isn't what develops our hope...and Hope is the foundation of our faith in a most loving God. 

Have a blessed Wednesday y'all. 

In Christ with Love and Compassion,
Coach Kelly
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fair Day Christian week 37

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IMAGINE THISIt was the same sky.
6:00 am pretty and pink,
7:30 am golden with the sun's glow,
7:45 am dark and threatening.
It took me a minute to grasp the significance of not wanting to capture the last shot.
I had no problem stepping out unto dew covered grass for the first two...but the last one?
Get my feet wet for a shot of nothing more than a sky full of black clouds?
And then it occurred to me that I had the potential of becoming a fair weather photographer...and God spoke to me through Jeremiah 29:11-14.
Reminding me that I also had the potential of becoming a "Fair Day Christian"...

Consider the Apostle Peter. Although, during the storm he lost focus and started sinking, the man still got out of the boat! Maybe if he took that first step while surrounded by calm waters he wouldn’t have lost focus…but that’s something we’ll never know.
Like Peter, we have our reasons on how we abide with Jesus during life storms. Mostly because of what we see, what we hear, and how we feel.  In times of peace, it’s not hard to abide, we wait expectantly for sunshine. In times of stress, we abide in anticipation of the storm to rage on forever.
Instead, of these extremes, we should focus on forming spiritual fruit that is capable of withstanding storms.

In Christ with love and compassion - Coach Kelly


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Winding Down Piece by Pieces Beyond the Mirror week 36

This week, we talked about the peace of God in our lives. How day by day - piece by piece - we can return to Him for His peace which goes beyond understanding.

Real life isn't easy. And every one of us have had our faith tested. Sometimes we pass that test, other times we fail. But the amazing thing about our God, is that He is 
always right there waiting for us to return to Him.

He's ready and able to restore our peace. As we wind down "Peace by Pieces", my prayer is that we will realize the importance of letting God's perfect work manifest in our daily lives. That we'll turn to Him for the restoration of His peace by pieces.

In Christ with Love and Compassion, 
Coach Kelly 
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He knows the Stars by Name

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