Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's those foolish things that make me LOL...seriously

Recently I completed a master degree - big whoop right?  Well...yeah...for someone like me it is and here is why:  In elementary school, I was always a grade level behind  and even then had poor grades.  For some reason, the system did not catch up with me and I was shuffled along, like a hurt lamb in the overpowering herd that somehow managed, somehow, someway,  to reach her destination.  To make going to school even worse, both my hearing and eyesight were moderately impaired...once again, somehow, someway, this was overlooked for several years.  I was evaluated at our local Deaf and Blind School but my hearing loss was not found to be at a level which required aids.  As an adult,  I still question the validity of those tests.  A few years later, to my surprise, my eyesight was monitored and I was given corrective lenses (or glasses as we refer to them in WV), and somehow, someway, fixed the hearing problem too!

It was the that I discovered reading for fun and realized that I really wasn't stupid or incapable of learning.  With the help of "Nancy Drew", I excelled...well, for someone who was always behind with poor grades, to earn the right to go into "Time and Tigers" reading book (yes, I remember the name of my 6th grade reading book), it was quite an accomplishment.

Here is where the foolishness comes into play:  I managed to "skip" 5th grade, enter into the higher reading group, help the 3rd grade teachers, and somehow, someway, find a glimmer of academic hope.

In 1 Corinthians 1:27, the Bible states that God uses the foolish, weak, timid things of this world to confound the wise...and He used me.  If God can, and is, using me, then friend let me tell you that He can, and will, use anyone He so desires!

The point of this blog post is to share a spot of good news with you:  If you are willing, and if you want Him to,  God can, and will, use you to bring about change, positive change, to your community.  Stop seeking after Him and start doing something! If you are breathing and have seen the sun rise,  He has already chosen and equipped you for service...so start serving.

Have a blessed day and go about doing good - let Him shine through you and you too will be "LOLing" at the foolish things in life that God uses for His glory.

Ouch! What'd Ya Do That For?

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts " Isaiah 55:9

"A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench, Till He sends forth justice to victory; And in His name Gentiles will trust" 

Matthew 12: 20-21

Have you ever experienced a *God-Whack*?  A time when you questioned something or someone only to have God speak directly to you in chastisement?   If you have not experienced this first hand, let me tell y'all what happened to me because of an innate soul feature:   

A little history:  Along with this whole life coaching/counseling profession, having studied the human psych, comes a deeper insight into what makes people tick; but even before the schooling, God designed me with an uncanny ability to "see people"; which apparently makes folks uncomfortable.  Several family members have told me (more than once) that it feels like I'm looking inside them.  But since I don't go around randomly analyzing folks, which would just be creepy, I have never understood why I make some folks uncomfortable, its not like I'm a psychic!  So in my own defense, for me, it is like some folks wear a sign around their neck listing their particular oddities or hidden intentions.  So recently,  when God whacked me for questioning something, it was a hard pill to swallow, after all, He designed me with an inquisitive soul right?

So here is what happened:  Recently, I encountered folks whose intentions I questioned. And before you get all self-righteous on me, I'm willing to bet you've done it too.  When this particular red flag went up, the first thing I did was ask God if their intentions were pure, are they legit.  I asked because I honestly didn't understand what was going on.  Thinking that I was doing the right thing, asking the Creator of all things a simple set of questions, the *God-Whack* with Judges 2:22 took me by surprise and was quite humbling.  The verse "I will use them to test Israel…" was the basis of what He spoke directly to me, "I will use whom I will use, don't question it".  Uh yeah - whack - ouch!  

After I repented for what must have been holier-than-thou thoughts, I remembered  Hebrews 12:6 "The Lord disciplines those whom He loves" so I should have felt pretty loved just then!   As I prayed for a non-judgmental soul of compassion, I remembered that God is in control and if His people pray, seek His face, and turn from evil, He will avenge us and move obstacles out of our way. But first we have to seek Him and follow His direction.  And yes, even be receptive to His loving yet awakening correction, a *God-Whack* if you will.  I will be the first to say that being corrected is not easy nor pleasant but since He is God, I just have to trust that He will take care of things.  All I need to do is be faithful to the woman He created me to be...

So when you receive a *God-Whack* (or a gentle tap on the shoulder), please remember that He is a good Father who corrects His children and wants us to live a life of love and compassion toward others, be willing to listen to His correction, and ask for understanding, discernment, and wisdom...especially regarding those within the Body of Christ.  

Wishing you a blessed and awesome day in Christ -

Coach Kelly

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