Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Called to Love week 9

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“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven,” (Matthew 5:16, ESV).

Question of the day:
What in the world are we doing?


This week’s verses contrast the characteristics of love against those of envy, arrogance, resentment, and even knowledge, pointing out:

· That in the end, love is all that will remain.
· That love that is patient, kind, and empathetic.
· That love covers offenses
· That we can choose to let patient, long suffering, gentle love help us move past offenses.
· That love is not a just a fleeting emotion – but rather an action that we take on purpose.


There seems to be some confusion on the role of Christians in society.

On one hand, the hard left wants Christians to sit down and shut up. 

On the other hand, the hard right is shouting back. 

And then we have fake news and social media sites joining forces. Pushing every issue to see how long and how far they can keep both sides raging. It seems to be a no win situation. 

Where does all this hype and controversy leave those of us in the middle? Can we be the voice of reason?

Those in the middle, both middle left and middle right, have a voice. Are we going to keep quiet and watch the circus or should we speak up? Those of us stuck in the middle know there's real work to be done. We know all this hype isn't getting us anywhere. We know it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get work…together. 

Where do we start?

Whether we agree with them or not, our voice is found in our call to love our neighbors.

It’s the only way we can successfully speak up to start the rebuilding project. Rebuilding from the inside out…upon the solid foundation of genuine love. We start in our own household. With our own families. With our own community. It's time for genuine Christ followers to show the world how to love without judgement.

The world already knows how to judge. Both sides are doing a great job of that. Folks on both sides of any argument can use scripture and laws to justify what they believe. They loudly present their case; but in all reality…aren’t they merely judging? Aren’t they using their voice in a vain attempt to get their own way?

If you are as tired of this as I am, let’s do something about it. Let's pray that God will give us opportunities to show the world how to love. What the world needs isn’t a batch of new laws. It isn’t more money. It certainly isn’t continued silence from the middle. What the world needs is a genuine display of love. Unconditional, uncompromised, unadulterated Christ-like love from the middle. But, once again, where do we start?

Maybe we start by quietly, yet purposefully, loving others. By praying for wisdom. By praying for His conviction to fall upon the lukewarm among us. One thing is for certain - we've got to start somewhere and soon.

Take a few moments to consider how you can sow seeds of true love this week. Love...it covers, it completes, it heals, is unites…why in the world would we choose to judge when in all reality, we've been called to love?

Journal Your Thoughts Here:

· Am I using my voice to convey love for God and Country?

· How can I use my voice to sow seeds of love to my neighbors - no matter if I agree or disagree with their stand on important issues?

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Be blessed this week y'all,

In Christ with love and compassion,
~ Coach Kelly

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