Wednesday, March 25, 2020

These Unprecedented Times

"Not even Solomon..."
Psalm 121 ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ~ Matthew 6:25-34

My she-shed office is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature. As I watched a couple cardinals flutter around the yard, living in harmony with two lively squirrels, I thanked God for this beautiful state and for our beautiful people. 

After I snapped these low-quality shots, I complained to my daughter that I needed my camera; her automatic reply: go get it.

Go get it...

Easier said than done now that we're living in what the media is calling unprecedented times... 

And I believe that statement to be the truth, not just because of this world-wide virus that's spreading like wildfire...not just because most states are shut down; and believe it or not...not even because of the great 2020 toilet paper rush.

I believe these are unprecedented times because we've been seeing the church being The Church...and it ain't even Sunday.

Today, all across our beautiful state, families sat around the radio, listening as church and political leaders, although mocked and ridiculed, followed the unction of The Holy Spirit and, ignoring the scoffers, led us in prayer to the most high God. 

It wasn't without technical glitches, but it was unprecedented...and it was amazing.

We can't let the naysayers get under our skin. Their opinion of our God-fearing people doesn't really matter, does it? They'll still come here to hike The Sods, to fish the Potomac. Shucks, they'll even come here to jump off our bridges!  It's their problem, not ours, if they choose to taunt us for letting the God of the universe be our buckler and shield. We know He's got this in His hands - (but yes, He still expects us to wash ours and use common sense!) - and He expects us to be kind to the offended - or at least ignore them.

Stay blessed, stay healthy, and stay strong West Virginia.

Be blessed through this y'all,

In Christ with love and compassion,

Coach Kelly


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